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Winter 2019

Historically, career development, social justice, and advocacy have been intrinsically intertwined. The founder of vocational psychology, Frank Parsons, advocated for those who were disadvantaged, he worked to fight against discrimination and oppression, and supported social justice and change. With its roots tied and aligned to social justice and advocacy, career development has historically served as a conduit toward the liberation of historically marginalized communities through affirming identity and meaning, recognizing the value of alternative paths, and increasing awareness of both opportunities and barriers within our society. Career counselors and professionals have increasing opportunities to work collaboratively with clients to assist with navigating barriers and advocating for their clients.


In addition, NCDA has made public policy an important cornerstone of its work, as described in NCDA’s Philosophy on Public Policy: Advocating for Career Development. This issue of Career Developments will focus on providing insights into current efforts to impact public policy and examples of how career counselors and professionals are working together with each other and their clients to continue to promote advocacy and support change in order to meet the needs of our clients.


I also want to highlight some important changes to the magazine: Career Developments magazine has historically been published four times a year, with each issue offering a focused article on a select theme, a feature article on a prominent NCDA event, specific content for five departments, and four regular columns. Starting with this issue the magazine will continue to include our focus and feature article, but will include seven regular columns including:

  • Thought Leader Insights
  • Ethics in a Nutshell
  • On the Web
  • The Marketplace
  • Higher Education Highlights
  • Career Developments Bulletin
  • School Counselors

Our goal is to continue to provide timely and relevant information including insights on and analysis of current career counseling and development practice, theory, and resources.

Melissa Messer

Career Developments Editor



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Career Developments

Winter 2019

Table of Contents


Social Justice, Advocacy and Public Policy:
Fostering Systems Change
By David L. Blustein



National Career Development Month & Annual Poetry and Art Contest
By Melissa Messer



Career Development Bulletin
Revamping Career Education Opportunities for Equity and Social Justice: Four Tips for Career Education Curricular Development
By Christian D. Chan


School Counselors
Systemic and Personal Advocacy in Schools: A School Counselor's Role
By Martina Clymer


Higher Education Highlights
Counseling in Practice: Advocacy & Social Justice-Driven Actions & Steps
By Ana Clara Blesso



From the President:
Social Justice Advocacy for Career Practitioners As I See It
By Kathy Evans

From the Executive Director:
Policy, Advocacy and Social Justice: How NCDA is Contributing to This Effort
By Deneen Pennington

Thought Leader Insights:
A Conversation with Dr. Y. Barry Chung
By Jenn Long Leard

Ethics in a Nutshell:
By Asra Karajic Siwiec and Sharon Anderson

The Marketplace
By Charles Lehman

On the Web
By Melanie Reinersman