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"Principles and Practices for Developing, Facilitating, and Utilizing Groups in Career Development"
Fall 2018


Fall 2018 Focus Article:

Group Career Counseling: What is it and How Does it Compare to Other Career Groups

By K. Richard Pyle

"The heavy emphasis in Group Career Counseling on two-way communication within the affective domain sets it apart from most other career groups.  Skills and techniques specifically relevant to GCC are reviewed."


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Career Developments

Fall 2018

Table of Contents


Group Career Counseling: What is it and How Does it Compare to Other Career Groups

By K. Richard Pyle



The 2017-2018 NCDA Awards

By Darren Gregory


Special Feature

National Career Development Month

By Leann Morgan



Professional Counselors & Specialists

Group Work, or Why Birds Fly in V-Formation

By Gregg Levoy


School Counselors

Pathways: A Group Career Mentoring Program for Middle School Students Interested in the Helping Professions

By Nadine Hartig


Graduate Students

Graduation Ready: It’s Okay Not to Know What’s Next

By Erica Maestas


Facilitating Career Development

The Future of Work— Creating an ILP-Focused Framework for K-12 Career Development Interventions

By Celeste Hall


Higher Education

Successful Facilitation of Group Career Coaching with an MBA Cohort

By Sarah W. Mellen



From the President:
Preparing for the Future
By Paul Timmins

From the Executive Director:
Our Combined Group Efforts Provide Excellent Services for Members
By Deneen Pennington

Thought Leader Insights: A Conversation with Christine Suniti Bhat
By Jenn Long Leard

Ethics in a Nutshell
By Sarah Patterson-Mills and Therese Chavaux Turnbull

The Marketplace
By Charles Lehman

On the Web
By Melanie Reinersman