Testimonials for A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment, 7th Edition (Stoltz and Barclay, 2019)

NCDA has done it again! The 7th edition of A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment is more innovative and informative than ever! In addition to assuring its continued position as the leading comprehensive career assessment book, this edition provides an innovative combination of print and online companion features that allows the information to stay current in our fast-changing technological society and profession. The new editors, Stoltz and Barclay, have compiled an incredible team of some of the greatest U.S. and international scholars-authors to help streamline the complex and diverse field of career assessment across cultures. I especially appreciated the reviews of dozens of instruments from a variety of career assessment categories that included free access and published, quantitative and qualitative, and practice and research instruments. This book continues to be a “must use” resource for career work practitioners, teachers, researchers, and counselors in training.

~ Bradley T. Erford, Ph.D.
Professor, Peabody College at Vanderbilt University and former president of the American Counseling Association


This book is the go-to resource for school counselors. With such limited time in their day, school counselors need an easy way to find the latest information, research, and potential use of different career assessments. The 7th edition, in both print and online form, is an excellent resource to use in helping students develop and become aware of their different career options.

~ Mark Danaher
High School & Beyond
NCDA President 2014-2015


Always count on NCDA when you need a resource for the delivery of exceptional career services!  Having worked as a career counselor, internship training coordinator, and counselor supervisor, A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment is my go-to resource.  It now provides reviews of not only the popular instruments currently available, but also includes those for use in research or available for free via open source.  In addition to basics about the instrument (cost, length, reading level, etc.) the book provides thoughtful information by leaders in our field about multicultural implications, standards, and competencies.  Unlike some other series, I always want the latest copy of this resource and am thrilled by the extensive online companion that will now enhance the print version. Thanks for taking it up a notch, NCDA! 

~ Lisa Severy, Ph.D.
Director of Career Services, University of Colorado, Boulder
NCDA President 2013-2014


This seventh edition of A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment is a credit to the current editors and to all involved in the history of this volume. The book not only delivers all the strengths of previous editions but adds significance in two key areas. It offers an innovative approach to currency in the companion online component of the book which includes examples of use of career assessment in different practice settings. Of particular note, the companion also delivers seven chapters describing career assessment in western and non-western countries. This international focus will significantly expand both the potential and accessibility of this book, and increases our knowledge of career assessment in use within diverse settings across the globe.

~ Wendy Patton, Emeritus Professor
Queensland University of Technology


This book is not only a valuable resource for students who want to learn how to use assessments to navigate their career journey, but it can be a resource, also, for faculty teaching in graduate programs and for seasoned career counseling professionals who might need a refresher in certain knowledge areas of assessment. The authors provide a comprehensive, clear, and cohesive step-by-step process for understanding career assessment from start to finish. I know there will always be a space on my desk and computer for this important work.

~ Bingyu (Katie) Zhu
Graduate Student, College Student Personnel Administration
Residence Coordinator
University of Central Arkansas

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