Why did John Holland write an autobiography?

Why did John Holland write an autobiography?

“I have been daydreaming for a long time about writing a personal account of my research experience that would be helpful for students and new researchers. The ideas and topics were stimulated by the unexpected problems and tasks I encountered as an author of a theory of careers and as a developer of several related psychological devices.…This account is an attempt to document the subjective side of the discovery and developmental processes in research that psychological training neglects with its emphasis on research design and statistical analysis or on clinical practice." (quoted from Holland's Preface to his autobiography; Rayman & Gottfredson, 2020)


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My Life with a Theory by John L Holland

My Life with a Theory: John L. Holland's Autobiography and Theory of Careers

In 1959, John L. Holland introduced a theory of vocational choices involving personality typology (widely known in the career development field as the Holland Code, or RIASEC). Included with this previously unpublished autobiography are book chapters, journal articles and other original source material that will enhance the reader's understanding of both the theory and the scientist.  Jack R. Rayman & Gary D. Gottfredson, Editors (2020).

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