NCDA Supports Social Justice

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The NCDA Board and its members are saddened by the continued violence by law enforcement against unarmed black and brown people and we support peaceful protests calling for social justice. On May 18, 2020, the American Counseling Association posted a statement on police violence which NCDA is proud to endorse.

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Kathy Evans

NCDA President


ACA Statement on Undue Police Violence

The American Counseling Association (ACA) acknowledges the traumatic impact of undue use of violence in policing, racially motivated violent incidents, and implicit bias, characterized by excessive force and negligence. Whereas, we support and value the role of positive law enforcement and ethical policing conducted daily in this occupation, the ACA condemns incidents of undue violence and stands in solidarity with the individuals, families, and communities impacted by such occurrences. Furthermore, the ACA supports the efforts of counselors who counsel and advocate on behalf of those who experienced such encounters.

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