NCDA Credentialing Commission

NCDA Credentialing Commission

About the Commission

In the spring of 2016, the NCDA Board of Directors approved the formation and work of a Presidential Task Force to research and recommend credentialing options for professionals within the field of career development. This Task Force identified five distinct credentials that would recognize the contributions of career development practitioners, supervisors, and educators. The NCDA Board resolved to establish and fund an initiative, thus in January 2017, the NCDA Credentialing Commission was born. 

Members of this first Credentialing Commission came from the original 2016 Task Force. Currently, nominations for openings on the Commission are announced to the NCDA membership and candidates must submit a formal application for consideration by the existing Commission members. Following candidate interviews, the Commission then makes their recommendations to the NCDA Board, to fill open (3 year) terms on the Commission.

The Commission has the responsibility of maintaining the quality and integrity of six credentials. In addition, the Commission oversees the NCDA Continuing Education guidelines and the Audit Panel charged with verifying the renewal of all NCDA credentials.

More details about Commission activities are included in the Credentialing Commission Annual Report 2019-2020  and the Credential Commission Mid-Year Report March 2021 .

Commission Members

 Tina AnctilTina Anctil, PhD, LPC, CRC, CCCE
 Commission Chair Elect (2020-2021)
 Portland State University
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Jessica Worny Janicki  Jessica Worny Janicki, MBA, CMCS, PCC
  JWJ Consulting, LLC
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Windie Wilson 2018  Windie Wilson, CCSP, GCDF, NCDA Master Trainer
  CAC-Workforce Connections
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  James Westhoff, M.Ed, CCCJames Westhoff
  Commission Chair (2020-2021)
  Husson University

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Debra RuddellDebra Ruddell, M.S., CCC, GCDF
DJR Career Connector
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Director of Credentialing

 Aaron Leson Aaron Leson, CCSP
  National Career Development Association
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Board Liaison

Lakeisha Mathews

Lakeisha Mathews, CCSP
University of Baltimore and Right Resumes & Career Coaching, LLC
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Staff Liaison

Alicia Cheek



Past Commission Leaders & Advisory Group

John E. Long, Ed.S., BCC, CMCS – Chair of the Credentialing Commission (2019-2020)
Constance Jenkins Pritchard, ED.D., CMCS, CCSP, and NCDA Fellow – Chair of the Credentialing Commission (2017-2019)
Marilyn Maze, Ph.D. and NCDA Fellow – Chair of the Presidential Task Force on Credentialing (2016)
Judith M. Hoppin, LPC, NCC, and NCDA Fellow



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