NCDA Credentialing Commission

NCDA Credentialing Commission

About the Commission

On February 17, 2016, NCDA joined other trade associations that uphold standards for their own professions by credentialing people who have the skills to fill specific roles within their field.  The NCDA Board resolved to set up and fund an initiative, thus the NCDA Credentialing Commission was born.  The Commission was charged with making recommendations for implementing credentialing programs for a variety of roles in the career field.

Originally Commissioners were selected and appointed by the NCDA Board based on their experience, practice, educational preparation, and specialty.  Beginning in 2017 and following each year, Commissioners will be elected from those qualifying for the credential they will represent.

The Commission has researched and thoroughly discussed credentialing in its process of creating the initial group of credentials.  The Commission has worked in the direction of high standards and streamlined procedures.  The word “Credential” was chosen as an umbrella term used for the many types of programs, including licensure, certification, accreditation, recognition designation, and certificates.

The Commission has recommended six credentials. All these credentials begin with the word “Certified.”  All of the new credentials contain an assessment component which will be scored by “blind reviewers” – experienced professionals who already have the credential and have been trained to score case studies and/or work samples.

Applications for all of these credentials will be completed online, using any available computer.  Like all credentials in our field, we expect to require continuing education for renewals.  Our online process will allow recipients of certificates to update education as it is completed. View the FAQs for more.

Credential holders may be asked to share their testimonials, images, etc., and will need to sign a form giving Permission for NCDA to use Credential Holders Information.

More details about Commission activities are included in the Annual Report (2018-19) and Mid Year Report (March 2020).

Commission Members

 Tina AnctilTina Anctil, PhD, LPC, CRC, CCCE
 Portland State University
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Jessica Worny Janicki  Jessica Worny Janicki, MBA, CMCS, PCC
  JWJ Consulting, LLC
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John Long

 John Long, ED.S., BCC, CMCS
 Commission Chair
 Two Roads Resources, Inc.
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Windie Wilson 2018  Windie Wilson, CCSP, GCDF, NCDA Master Trainer
  CAC-Workforce Connections
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  James Westhoff, M.Ed, CCCJames Westhoff
  Commission Chair-Elect
  Husson University

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Debra RuddellDebra Ruddell, M.S., CCC, GCDF
DJR Career Connector
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Director of Credentialing

 Aaron Leson Aaron Leson, CCSP
  National Career Development Association
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Board Liaison

Seth Hayden  Seth C. W. Hayden, Ph.D., LPC, CCCE
  Wake Forest University
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Staff Liaison

Alicia Cheek



Advisory Group and Ambassadors


 Judy Hoppin Judith M. Hoppin, LPC, NCC, and NCDA Fellow
  Oakland University
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Marilyn Maze photo  Marilyn Maze, PhD
  Asia Pacific Career Development Association
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