Sharon Givens - Brief Bio




Dr. Sharon Givens is a researcher, a licensed psychotherapist, career counselor, professional trainer and academician. She is the CEO and Director of Visions Counseling and Career Center LLC., (VCCC).  VCCC is a premier private practice offering career counseling and coaching, mental health counseling and psychological testing with locations in Columbia SC, Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC.  Sharon is also the sole proprietor of Training Visions, an international training firm, dedicated to providing customized training in the areas of career development, diversity and cultural competence, employability concepts, mental health issues and personality appraisals.

Sharon has an undergraduate degree in social work with a minor in psychology. She has a graduate certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. She has a Master of Science in Counseling and a Master of Education in Adult Education. Sharon also has a doctorate in curriculum and instruction with a cognate in counseling psychology. Sharon was the recipient of the Lorin Anderson Award for Doctoral Research.   Dr. Givens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor, National Board Certified Counselor, a Board Certified, Tele Mental Health Provider, Certified Career Counselor, Board Certified Life and Career Coach, Human Services Board Certified Practitioner, Approved Clinical Supervisor, a Global Career Development Facilitator, a Career Development Facilitator Instructor, a Certified Career Services Provider, National Career Development Association Master Trainer, a Birkman Facilitator, a DISC Facilitator and a True Colors Facilitator. She has developed and conducted over 1000 training/seminars across the country and in West Africa.

Dr, Givens is now serving as the President-Elect for the National Career Development Association. During her presidency she will focus on expanding the strong successes while growing membership, leading the development of a global learning hub and collaborating with other entities. Specifically, she will focus on three primary areas:  People, Professional Development and Partnerships. Currently she also serves on the diversity committee and is the board liaison to the Training and Education Council. She has over eighteen years of experience in the career development field with roles including a career counselor, college and career readiness project director, mentor, career coach and director of career development training. As a career and college readiness project director in her home state of South Carolina, she developed two major career development infrastructures that has enabled over 20,000 students across the state to attend college and or obtain successful employment.

Dr. Givens is the former Trustee for Private Practice, Business/Industry & Agencies constituency group. In her role she developed a collective platform to promote career development and coaching programs. She served as an advocate for practitioners while staying abreast of the most current trends in the field and adhering to a uniform and a universal standard of practice. Sharon is also a former member of the NCDA Advisory Council where she served as the co-chairperson. During her tenure on the council, she participated in led and developed various ingenuities to promote the success of the Career Development Facilitator program which is now the Facilitating Career Development Program. She also served on the Career Development Facilitator Instructor and Master Trainer Task Forces.

Dr. Givens ultimately believes that individuals have the strength and resources within to reach their goals. She takes pride in challenging individuals to uncover their true potential.






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