Why Seek Career Help?

Depending on your career related needs, you may consider career counseling to learn more about yourself and how to carry out decisions and plans that relate to your life and future career direction. Whether you are thinking about seeking services at a private practice, college setting, government agency or community organization, you may want to seek appropriate career professionals to meet your career related needs. If you are in the K-12 school setting, a school counselor may also be able to assist you.

It is important that you understand that career services practitioners hold different credentials and levels of expertise (see "Career Service Providers Comparison Chart"). Who is best for you to work with? It depends on your needs, so you should consider their titles (including career counselors, specialists, advisors, consultants, career services providers, or other career management professionals), licenses/credentials, backgrounds and, of course, what services they can offer to you.

A Career Counselor or other Career Development Professional can assist you to:

1. learn more about yourself: 

2. gain educational and occupational information:

3. learn about decision-making and career planning:

4. conduct a job search:

5. apply to graduate or professional schools or apply for other training programs

6. cope with career challenges and transition issues:

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