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ACRP Adopts Revised Handbook of Standards

On March 21, 2012 the ACRP Board of Directors adopted a set of revised Standards

The ACRP Handbook of Standards describes standards of quality for career information and services. The standards address the growing industry that develops, distributes, and manages information tools for career development, irrespective of whether these products and services are delivered as part of a comprehensive system or as stand-alone components, and irrespective of the medium of delivery. 

The association revised its bylaws in 2001, resulting in a major restructuring of the organization. In the new structure, the Alliance of Career Resource Professionals (ACRP) extends the opportunity of full membership status to an expanded range of participants that produce career information and services. Historically, the organization’s full members were state operators of comprehensive career information delivery systems. The bylaw revision invites the entire industry, including those entities that produce single or multiple components as systems or stand-alone products, as well as those entities that operate comprehensive systems, to join the association as full members. The restructuring of the organization necessitated major revision of the association’s standards.

It is our hope that the ACRP Handbook of Standards will prove useful to public and private entities that are concerned with providing high quality tools for career development and with meeting the highest standards of ethical practice. Comments regarding these standards and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please direct any communication to ACRP.

To download a copy of the revised standards - Click here --> 2012 ACRP Standards

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